Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience

Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience

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Description: Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience
By Joseph V. Limongelli and Marcie A. Cipriani

SVTOA tells the Ford GT story not only from an engineering and logistical perspective, but also from the point of view of the owners, whose connection to these cars is the true measure of success for Ford Motor Company.

This hardcover, full-color book consists of:

  • 200 information-packed pages, including a comprehensive index covering all technical aspects of the car and production figures
  • Historical roots of the Ford GT supercar, including previously unpublished photography
  • Foreword by Fred Goodnow, Ford GT Design and Engineering Manager
  • Photographic chronicle of the Ford GT build process from beginning to end
  • Complete listing of each Ford GT vehicle identification number and build date
  • Examination of the engineering feats accomplished during development, as well as insider information from the engineers themselves
  • Hundreds of full color photos, including stunning images from award-winning photographer Paul Michael Kane.
Other Features: "Owner Profiles" in which Ford GT owners explain their connection to their car Ford Official Licensed Product Purchase and maintenance tips.

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