Taurus SHO Certificate of Authenticity (US VEHICLES ONLY)

Taurus SHO Certificate of Authenticity (US VEHICLES ONLY)

  • $45.00

Description: Certificates include production date, production number, and specific color breakdown. Also included with the certificate is a complete production breakdown for the model year. These are available for US vehicles only.

Owners' certificates are only available for following model years:

'89, '90, '93, '96, '98, '10-'13 

You MUST enter your VIN (vehicle identification number) in the space provided to buy the certificate.

Optional add-on items include:
Window Sticker: Full-Size, reproduction window sticker (2010-2013 ONLY)
Frame: Protect your certificate with one of our slim, rounded black metal frames.
8.5"x11" certificate frame in gloss black finish
11.5"x14" certificate frame, includes 1.5" matting around perimeter of certificate and gloss black finish
*Made in USA
*No assembly required
*Hanging hardware included

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